Safety at Sea

The safety and well-being of our crew, vessels and the environment are at the heart of our operating procedures

How We Work

We apply the highest safety standards on board our vessels, and pride ourselves on our safety record. Good preparation and operational control are key to our success. We prepare our crews with rigorous, tailored training programs and maintain operational control through constant communication which allows for prompt intervention, when needed.

How We Work with Others

We recognise that a company-wide commitment to our standards must flow through our value chain and we actively work with our suppliers and counterparties to ensure that the processes put into place align with our own standards on safety, the protection of the marine environment, social responsibility, human rights and good governance.

Mental Health at Sea

Seafarers work in challenging environments and the separation from family and friends can exacerbate mental stress. Our crews' working conditions and well-being are a priority. We strive to make our vessels as comfortable and connected as possible, instil a culture that encourages respectful interactions between crew members, and offer direct access to confidential counselling services if needed.