We are not just vocal supporters of improving the environmental footprint of the shipping industry – we also take action

Our Initiatives

Our operations team have been instrumental in creating initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of the vessels under our management, and improve the wellbeing of our crew

Onboard ESG Teams

Each of our vessels has an ESG team formed of crew selected from across the ranks. The function of the team is to ensure that policies relating to environmental protection are known and clearly understood by all the crew, and to encourage ideas for new initiatives which can make a positive contribution to the environment in which the vessel is operating. Waste, for example, has been commonly cited as an issue by the ESG teams and so several projects were launched to reduce the amount of waste generated.

Reducing Plastic Waste

We were able to cut a significant amount of plastic waste by retrofitting each vessel with potable freshwater mineralisers. This has meant water is no longer needed to be brought on board in plastic bottles, saving approximately 9,000 bottles per ship over the course of a year.

Minimising Packaging

We initiated a dialogue with our major catering supplier to discuss ways of reducing the amount of packaging used when delivering food on board, and to explore options for returning certain kinds of packaging for reuse on the vessel's return to port.

Waste Compactors

Our technical team conducted a feasibility study into installing small-scale waste compactors on board each vessel. These can reduce the volume of waste by up to 95%, greatly easing processing and reducing the risk of loose waste polluting land or sea.