Operational Capabilities

Our highly experienced, professional team boasts multi-sector expertise that encompasses all aspects of technical, operational and commercial fleet management

Our Competitive Edge

All key decision-making functions are in-house: we have absolute control of the vessel and are not dependent on operating partners


A rigorous due diligence process—incorporating site visits, senior manager interviews and credit assessments—is employed when selecting technical managers, shipyards and critical suppliers. Ongoing contact is maintained during the associated project with formal monthly reviews, quarterly strategic planning and audits bring a comprehensive level of clarity and oversight.


Detailed OPEX budgets are created on an annual basis, while CAPEX is scheduled over five-year periods. Our technical team exercises tight budgetary control. OPEX is carefully controlled with stringent checks on all items of expenditure; CAPEX is managed through detailed onsite supervision of construction and maintenance work.


We believe that operational excellence is achieved through committed engagement with our crews. A two-way flow of information and ideas is fully encouraged, allowing us to establish a strong culture of safety and a sense of joint purpose. Our in-house operations team is in constant contact with onboard crews and the team also undertakes frequent visits and inspections of the vessels.