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Marine Capital in the news

IHS Fairplay


November 2018

"Investors will ultimately drive shipping decarbonisation" : The view held by Marine Capital's CEO, Tony Foster

Shipping Watch

December 2018

Marine Capital explores new billion-dollar ventures


March 2017

Tony Foster interviewed on the impact of US protectionism on shipping

Global Maritime Forum

October 2018

Marine Capital commits to the decarbonisation of shipping as one of the initial signatories to Global Maritime Forum's Call for Action

International Maritime Industries Forum

November 2018

Marine Capital CEO, Tony Foster, presents on the potential for the UK to consolidate position at the centre of maritime finance

Investment Europe

October 2016

Shipping debt: the tip of the iceberg

Nordic Fund Selection Journal

November 2016

Article which appeared in the Nordic Fund Selection Journal by Tell Media Group

'Uncharted real asset opportunities at sea'

Shipping Watch

February 2017

Launch of Marine Capital's new fund

Reuters Commodities

May 2016

"Prepare for the worst; hope for the best"

Marine Money Magazine

October 2016

A closer look at restructuring opportunities

Financial Times

October 2016

Sinking ships are surprisingly good news

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